YU YOUHAN | Abstract Circle
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YU YOUHAN | Abstract Circle

Yu Youhan’s most recent “Elemental Circles” series is a culmination of his transformative venture into a new realm on art making, combining his painterly work with integration of paper fiber and pulps, and rising out of his deepened practice of informal and materialist abstraction of his celebrated “Circle” series dating back to 1984. Resulting from the years of collaboration with world renown washi paper-making studio and Rén Space, the works in this series embody the balance and harmony of his brush strokes and natural paper fiber and pulps and are his artistic expressions in some of the largest scale works to date.


Jumping the Dragon Gate and A Kiss from the Elemental Circles Series were exhibited at Yu Youhan’s Retrospective Solo Exhibition at the Power Station of Art, Shanghai in December 2016 through March 26, 2017.

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