Perhaps | Deng Yuejun, Jiang Zhuyun and Zhang Liaoyuan
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Perhaps | Deng Yuejun, Jiang Zhuyun and Zhang Liaoyuan

April 25 through June 15, 2015

Rén Space is delighted to present a trio exhibition, PERHAPS, curated by Geng Jianyi, from April 26 through June 15, 2015, showcasing works by Deng Yuejun, Jiang Zhuyun and Zhang Liaoyuan.

In this rst collaborative project amongst these talented young artists, an outline of their recent creations will simultaneously reveal novel perspectives and unprecedented narratives between New Media Art and current contemporary art space. We are honored to have Geng Jianyi, a pioneering and seminal artist in new media art in China, curate the show. His curatorial direction will augment the artists’ unique positions in arts and their dynamic interactions, as open ended exploration and dialogues.

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