Geng Jianyi | Power Station of Art 2022
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Geng Jianyi | Power Station of Art 2022

“Who Is He?” A Retrospective of Geng Jianyi’s works


November 10, 2022 through February 12, 2023

Curated by Karen Smith and Yang Zhenzhong


We are honored to announce a world premiere of Geng Jianyi’s “Studies 2016-2017” presented in “Who Is He?” A Retrospective of Geng Jianyi’s works at the Power Station of Art, on view from November 10, 2022 through February 12, 2023, curated by Karen Smith and Yang Zhenzhong.


“Who is He?” is a timely presentation of one of most influential pioneering artist from China, and one of the first Chinese artist with international recognition for his works. The exhibition covers key artworks from the start of his career in the mid-1980s through to the last projects he made in 2016-2017.


During the summer of 2016, Geng Jianyi began working with the process of physical transformation cycles of paper pulp and fibers and developed “organic dripping” of paper pulps to realize deeply personal works in “Studies 2016-2017”. This series is Geng Jianyi’s final artistic expression before his untimely passing and represent the artist’s most minimalistic and spiritual yet unyielding journey of his artistic creation.





About the Artist

Geng Jianyi (1962-2017) was a pioneer of contemporary art in China, and a leading figure of the avant-garde. He graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1985, and immediately became involved in seminal exhibition events such as “85 New Wave” and activities that changed the way art was understood. Following on from his early success, the focus of what Geng Jianyi chose to do art shifted away from conventional forms of expression, like painting, to the concept of the artist’s action, rather than on the end products that result.


Geng Jianyi also taught at China Academy of Art and his teaching philosophy led him to help students to find their own artistic expression. He also won 2012 China Contemporary Art Award, CCAA Outstanding Achievement Award in 2016. He also acquired AACArt China Annual Influence Award “Artist of the Year” recognition in 2018 and was posthumously awarded the “Zhe Craftsman Award” by China Academy of Art.




PSA新展预告 | 他是谁?耿建翌作品回顾展








耿建翌(1962—2017年),是中国当代艺术杰出的先锋艺术家。1985年毕业于杭州浙江美术学院艺术系油画专业(中国美术学院)。其艺术生涯始于 中国“’85新潮”—个标志着艺术与艺术表达反思与创新的时代,在早期的成功之后,耿建翌的艺术创作形式从绘画转向摄影、装置等观念艺术,并创作了很多具有影响意义的实验作品。





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