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Rén Space & Miralab



We are delighted to announce exclusive worldwide representation of Feng Mengbo.


Recognized as the pioneer in video game art and a New Media artist, Feng Mengbo draws heavily from China’s modern cultural and social context, as well as his own personal history, often combining the narrative with his vision of digital and video games realms. For the last three decades, Feng Mengbo has been exploring rapidly evolving frontier of new digital media with a deep interest in the virtual world and their effects on individuals decades before the terms such as metaverse, NFT, and digital art became household terms.


Rén Space and Miralab have been fierce advocates and supporters of an innovative and boundary-breaking approach to artistic expressions and have collaborated with artists such as Yu Youhan, Zhang Peili, Geng Jianyi, Yang Zhenzhong, Chen Yujun and Li Binyuan.


We look forward to embarking on a thought provoking journey and adventure with Feng Mengbo into the digital realm of metaverse along with new works in sculptures, paintings, VR and AR works.


“I am thrilled to join forces with a visionary artist, Feng Mengbo, to explore new era of metaverse and beyond. Now is right moment for this partnership.” – Jung Lee, Founder of Rén Space and Miralab.


“I am excited to partner with Rén Space and Miralab. Jung is a transformative figure in the intersection of art and technology. I am confident that this innovative platform and partnership will open a new horizon.” – Feng Mengbo


“Digitalized human beings of the future are our offspring.”

“…it is only a matter of time before a virtual world will mix with the real world – it is possible that the real truth is a virtual future.” – Feng Mengbo, 2009, from Yi Bite.


Feng Mengbo was born in Beijing, China in 1966 and currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing in 1991. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

As one of the earliest artists who started to use digital technology, Feng Mengbo started to use video games as a medium for his artworks in the 1990s, and later he entered the field of new media art and interactive installation. Additionally, he has collaborated with Na Wu, New Pants, and other musicians to create electronic music performances. His works are in the collections of MoMA, Guggenheim, LACMA, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Hong Kong M+, and CAFA.







“我很高兴能与卓有远见的艺术家冯梦波携手,共同探索元宇宙的新时代。现在正是建立这种合作关系的好时机”。 —仁庐和Miralab的创始人 Jung Lee

“我很高兴能与仁庐和Miralab 合作。在艺术和科技的交汇点上,Jung是一位变革型的人物。我相信,这个创新的平台和伙伴关系将打开新的视野。” —冯梦波


“以我个人对于电子游戏工业和玩家的观察,虚拟的世界真实到足以混肴所谓真实和虚拟指日可待,更何况未来虚拟可能就将是唯一的真实。”——冯梦波-节选自《一比特》 2009





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