Geng Jianyi | Studies 2016-2017
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Geng Jianyi | Studies 2016-2017

During the summer of 2016, Geng Jianyi began working with the process of physical transformation cycles of paper pulp and fibers and developed “organic dripping” of paper pulps to realize deeply personal works in “Studies 2016-2017”. This series is Geng Jianyi’s final artistic expression before his untimely passing and represent the artist’s most minimalistic and spiritual yet unyielding journey of his artistic creation.


The world premiere of Geng Jianyi’s “Studies 2016-2017” is presented in “Who Is He?” A Retrospective of Geng Jianyi’s works at the Power Station of Art, on view from November 10, 2022 through February 12, 2023, curated by Karen Smith and Yang Zhenzhong. 





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